I am sure that most of us will agree and complain that the world is in turmoil.  And it is!!!

Think of it. People rushing into a restaurant and mowing down most of the people inside. People they don’t even know.  Flying into the Twin towers – not only killing thousands of people, but also killing themselves. For what? Did they achieve what they had set out to do.

There is no peace – even in the smaller incidents.  We are living in violent times, people no longer really care for each other, people are no longer content and happy and certainly don’t feel safe as you never know when you will be the next victim of some mindless killing.

The world is so full of violence and hate. We have a public holiday called Human Rights day – what rights!  Is it not my right to live in peace and without fear of being the next victim?  Movies no longer show nice happy stories – most of the movies  and TV programs are about fighting, killing,  sex and corruption. Our children are fed all this junk – what are they going to grow up believing?  Violence, rape, sex. murder, etc. is acceptable???  Even most of the toys and games are about violence, fighting  and killing.

Perfection is no longer our aim. Things are done in half measures.  Buildings are erected with unsuitable building materials – to cut costs and before long they collapse, killing hundreds of innocent people.  Bridges tumble down killing the people using them and some of the people driving under them – is that good?  You buy a pair of shoes it comes to pieces before you have had any use out of it.  Your new car breaks down as you drive it out of the shop – nothing is made to last anymore.

Hardly anybody strives for perfection and excellence anymore.  It’s a case of cutting costs to fill other people’s pockets or some other mediocre reason.  All we do nowadays is just get by.

The result – ‘

2 Corinthians 13:11

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