What is a Cell Group?

It is a small home cell group that comes together during the school term on a weekly basis to basically do the following:

  • Ice breaker – getting to know one another.
  • Praise & Worship – sing a few songs of praise to God.
  • Share Testimonies – declare what God has done in your life if you would like to.
  • Word Study – discuss a passage of Scripture.
  • Edify & Encourage – flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and so build one another up in the faith.
  • Personal Ministry – minister to those that need ministry.
  • Evangelize  – as a team, reach out in your area when you feel ready
  • Discipleship  – help others grow spiritually
  • Lead – learn to be a leader and start other Cell Groups in your area
  • Relationships   – build relationships and connect with other Christians

You will grow spiritually, find support, give support that all of us need and you will definitely enjoy life in the Cell Group!

If you would like to join one of the Cell Groups, kindly contact the group closest to you. 

Here is a listing of the Cell Groups:

Haenertsburg Christian Church:


Cell Leaders

Day & Time

Near Magoebaskloof Hotel

Wednesday @ 7 pm

Georges Valley – Rotating

Wednesday @ 7 pm

Village (people with kids)

Wednesday @ 7 pm

Haenertsburg Village

Ferdi Joynt

083 543 4867

Wednesday @ 7 pm


Tuesday @ 9:30 am