What is ISOM?

Intern• Theationally-recognized name for the International School of Ministry® which is the world’s largest video Bible school with more than 12,000 training sites in 141 nations.

  • A church-based video training program.
  • A complete training curriculum, including a facilitator’s guide, workbooks, group discussions, homework assignments and tests.
  • A bilingual program that is available in over 60 languages. Please note we also now have a non-bilingual version called ISOM Express for English only students. This new version cuts in half the time required to take ISOM lectures.
  • A school where English- and non-English-speaking students can learn side-by-side.
  • A program that respects pastoral leadership and authority.
  • A powerful missions tool.
  • An opportunity for every willing person in the Church to be trained for ministry.
  • A professionally-recorded curriculum.
  • A curriculum with well-known teachers that impart life messages in their areas of expertise.
  • A cost-effective program that is easy to implement.
  • A school where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.
  • A program with no denominational ties.
  • A program through which the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested.


Please note that these short courses do not carry SAQA accreditation. However, Hebron Theological College (HTC), which is fully SAQA accredited, has assessed and accepted these short courses as an entry level course. HTC will give RPL credit for short courses passed with a 60% or more pass rate in all these areas of study. The credits will be rated and granted by HTC on a case by case basis.

Hebron Theological College, P.O. Box 11118, Rynfield 1514

Tel 011 965 1252


  • Semester Schedule
  • Courses and Speakers
  • Semester 1 (31 hour long video sessions)
  • Foundations of faith A1 ( 6) Bayless Conley (Pastor: Cottonwood Christian Centre)
  • Supernatural Living A2 (10) Dr. A.L.Gill (Evangelist: Powerhouse Publishing)
  • New Testament Survey A3 (10) Dr. John Amstutz (Foursquare Missions International)
  • Praise and Worship A4 ( 5) LaMar Boschman (International Worship Institute)

Semester 2 (32 hour long video sessions)

  • Power of Prayer B1 (5) Dr. Dick Eastman (Every Home for Christ)
  • Ministry of Helps B2 (5) Buddy Bell (Ministry of Helps, International)
  • Old Testament Survey B3 (10) Christopher Gornold-Smith (Teacher: ICI University)
  • Essence of the Gospel B4 (5) Terry Law (World Compassion)
  • Jesus, our Healer Today B5 (5) Bayless Conley (Pastor: Cottonwood Christian Centre)
  • Living by Faith (No notes) B6 (2) Bill Winston (Pastor: Living Word Christian Centre)

Semester 3 (32 hour long video sessions)

  • Introduction to Multiplication C1 (1) Berin Gilfillan (Good Shepherd Ministries, Intl.)
  • Church Based Training C2 (3) Dr. Stan de Koven (Vision International University)
  • Cell Groups C3 (5) Larry Stockstill (Pastor: Bethany World Prayer Center)
  • Power Evangelism C4 (5) Reinhard Bonnke (Christ for all Nations)
  • Leaders Integrity C5 (2) Dr. Jack Hayford (Pastor: Church on the Way)
  • Leadership Vision C6 (5) David Shibley (Global Advance)
  • Church Planting in Teams C7 (5) Jim Feeney (Pastor: Medford Christian Center)
  • Being Led by the Spirit C8 (5) Bayless Conley (Pastor: Cottonwood Christian Center)
  • Promise Keeper (No notes) C9 (1) Dr. Ed Cole (Christian Men’s Network)

Certificate Issued to Qualifying, Registered Students after three Semesters

Semester 4 (32 hour long video sessions)

  • Wilderness Mentalities D1 (7) Joyce Meyer (Life in the Word)
  • Developing Leaders D2 (5) Brian Houston (Pastor: Hillsong, Australia)
  • Cell Group Leaders D3 (1) Billy Hornsby (Bethany World Prayer Center)
  • Reconciliation D4 (4) Dr. A.R. Bernard (Christian Life Center, New York)
  • Personal Evangelism D5 (5) Ray Comfort (Evangelist: Living Waters)
  • Spiritual Warfare D6 (5) Dean Sherman (Youth with a Mission)
  • Missions and the Harvest D7 (5) Dr. Howard Foltz (AIMS: Regent University)
  • Christ Connection E1 (7) Dr. T.L. Osborn (T.L. Osborn Evangelism Crusades)
  • Living to Give E2 (5) Wayne Myers (Great Commission Evangelistic Assoc.)
  • Biblical Eldership E5 (5) Dick Benjamin (Apostle: Abbott Loop Community Church
  • Reach a new Generation E7 (7) Willie George (Pastor: Church on the Move)
  • Managing for Tomorrow E8 (4) Jim Wideman (Church on the Move)
  • Ministering to Youth E9 (4) Blaine Bartel (One-Eighty)

Diploma Issued to Qualifying, Registered Students after five Semesters

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