Our Pastor

Church Elders

Responsibilities of the Elders

All the Elders are part of a STEERING COMMITTEE that meets every month. Here they plan and discuss relevant issues and pray for the congregation, community, country and continent. They are all accountable to one another and trust in God’s guidance in making the final decisions as to the running of the Church. It is realised that Church leadership is a theocracy, and that God is the ultimate leader and thus the leaders only move when there is unity among the leadership, as we are all led by the Holy Spirit. Thus no decisions are made without the unanimity of the leaders themselves.

Church Deacons

Responsibilities of the Deacons

The Deacons in the Church are there to serve the congregation and to ensure the smooth running of the Sunday Services by distributing flyers and brochures in the Church and welcoming first-time comers to our congregation. They are also there to help with tea duty and to ensure that people feel welcome at all times.

Office workers 

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