The Ushers’ Ministry consists of a group of volunteers who serve the leadership and body with regards to practical aspects of the church services.

Some of their responsibilities:

The three most important gifts an usher needs are servanthood, hospitality and love.

The first impression that a visitor (or potential member) gets of a church is the way in which he/she is welcomed when entering. It is of vital importance that you make them feel at home and loved. Your role of being a host or hostess is more than just an usher.

These are the duties of an usher:

  1. Be on “welcoming” duty at the door by 08:30.
  2. Prepare the church building: Make sure all chairs are neat and the entrance of the church is swept and clean, that there is toilet paper in the toilets and that there is a glass of water for the pastor.
  3. Make sure the offering baskets are ready to take up the offerings and tithes during the service.
  4. Ask someone else (not an usher) to help you take up the offering (involving others and duplicating yourself).
  5. Count the money together with the Deacons and write it in the tithes & offering book.
  6. Hand out the appropriate literature while welcoming them (eg. Bulletin, new duty lists, etc).
  7. Allocate special seats where necessary (e.g. mothers with babies, the aged or sick).
  8. Each usher on duty must be seated near an entrance during service (so as to direct latecomers to seats, open doors softly for kids moving in and out and showing for example where the toilets or mother’s room is situated.)
  9. Keep a watchful eye for the needs of the people during the service (e.g. doors and windows – too hot or too cold, disturbances, tissues, etc.).
  10. After the service invite the visitors to join us for tea and where possible, introduce them to the pastor and some of the other members.
  11. Be on duty when it is your turn! If you are unable to do your duty, please contact one of the other ushers and ask them to take over your duty or swop duties with them.
  12. Be faithful and committed.
  13. Check on tissues on the entrance table and hand them out when necessary.
  14. Welcome all with a smile.
  15. Take newcomers’/visitors’ names and inform the Pastor. Hand out gift bag (pastor).
  16. Be ready to assist the Pastor where necessary.
  17. If not on duty, be prepared and willing to assist when called upon, even at short notice.
  18. Be prepared to be on duty at special functions.

Ushers serve the Pastor, the congregation and especially visitors, so that services can flow decently and in order, thus enhancing the ministry of God’s Word and the move of the Holy Spirit.

They are ‘people persons’ who make people that come into the church feel welcome and appreciated. Because of this their contribution to the ministry is crucial, as they make everyone’s church experience so much more positive.

So should you be a friendly, happy people person we would like to encourage you to be a part of this ministry.