Over and above your Tithes, you may choose to make an offering or sow into one of the ministries listed below:

Should you want to give into a specific area, you need to specify where you want it to be used as your reference.

Extra staff:

We believe that we are in the people business and thus need to invest into people’s lives, but that means that we need more help to accomplish this, as we cannot have the pastor doing everything.  We are wanting to touch people’s lives around the world with top notch teachings that are also presented via video etc., but this will require staff and funds for the necessary equipment.


For us to have a website that is relevant and helpful we need staff. As a small community we need assistance for this dream to continue to be realised.

Church Gardens and Buildings:

The maintenance of the Gardens and Buildings are a constant task.  We always need funds for repairs or just routine maintenance.  Luckily we found someone to maintain our Gardens on a weekly basis for a special price, but every now and then there are still more work needed, like planting new plants or fixing the fountain.

Teachings Online :

Though we finally have the necessary equipment, we still need the programs and staff to edit and load teachings on YouTube and iTunes.  Unfortunately computer and electronics equipment also have a tendency to break, which means we need to pay someone with the necessary skills to work on it.

Expansion of the Church Building:

We are growing all the time and are thus not far from needing more space for our congregation.


Our desire is to be relevant and to help widows, orphans and those needing help.  From time to time we have the finances and opportunity for this to happen.


As a society we need take biblical exhortations to care for widows seriously, offering wise guidance and practical suggestions for ensuring that widows in their congregations receive the support and encouragement they need.

Thank you

Haenertsburg Christian Church

Please help us raise the necessary funds for these projects.

We have chosen to live simply so that others may simply live.

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